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Fallin' Out Now! 

Lyra comprises Craig Norford's drum beats with funk edge aplenty, George Price's smooth bass lines, James Skingle's Santa-esque guitar flourish, Ejike Nnodi's jazzy keys and Jenna Naylor-Tymon's soulful yet haunting vocals. Their neo-soul originals ooze an irresistibly euphoric rhythm.  
'Late night soulfulness is the order of the day (night) on this new track from R’n’B outfit Lyra on their new single ‘S.T.A.Y.’. The funky guitars and tight-as rhythm section keep things moving nicely before the luscious, multi-layered vocals join in to seal the deal as you make your moves on that special someone on the dancefloor. If you’re in to the likes of Joss Stone, Sugababes at their more mellow, Eternal or En Vogue then this will be perfect for you and if you’re not then why don’t you pour yourself a glass of wine and have a listen anyway – you clearly need to unwind.'



about us

Lyra is a London Neo Soul - Electronic pop group combining epic and sweeping vocals, driving and rhythmic guitar lines, with a euphoric rhythmic sound. Lyra have been hard at work shaping a style and groove that can’t be ignored. In an age of recording artists, it is truly refreshing to find a band that is as good, if not better live than on recording.Lyra comprises Craig Norford's drum beats with funk edge aplenty, George Price's smooth base lines, James Skingle's R+B licks to his heavy solos, Ejike Nnodi's Jazzy Keys, Jenna Naylor-Tymon and Manon Vix's soulful yet haunting vocals. Their neo-soul originals ooze an irresistibly euphoric rhythm.


Upcoming Events

  • Rock at the Castle
    Sun, 01 Aug
    01 Aug, 12:30 – 19:00
    Hertford, Castle St, Hertford, UK
    Boogie on down to Hertford Castle ready for Rock at the Castle 2021, the annual free music festival set within the spectacular grounds of Hertford Castle.
  • Lyra @ The Glad
    Tue, 17 Aug
    17 Aug, 19:00
    London, 64 Lant St, London SE1 1QN, UK
  • Lyra Live @ The Bedford
    Wed, 08 Sep
    08 Sep, 19:00
    London, 77 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9HD, UK
  • Front Row Fest
    Sat, 11 Sep
    11 Sep, 11:00
    Fritwell, Fewcott Rd, Fritwell, Bicester OX27, UK
  • Lyra Live @ The Camden Chapel
    18 Nov, 19:00
    London, 50-52 Camden Square, London NW1 9XB, UK


Booking / Lyra,, 07780682771